The trouble with owning a place like this, one seems to need an endless supply of tools, machinery and general stuff. Take for-instance trailers… I have two…… one general purpose and one for Charlie. Then there are strimmers, wood chipper, pole saws, all sorts of stuff – you name it I seem to have… Read more »

Money money money

Bookings for the B&B come from all sorts of contacts and I meet all sorts of people. A recent booking came via a friend of mine, who had a business contact coming to the uk. All fine and dandy. However, the trip was first organised for September and cancelled three days before arrival. Then out… Read more »

A trifling situation

Dear Reader the following is a true story which happened a few months ago. The name of the cat has been changed to hide its true identity, it did have a pudding name. While Mrs Mass Hysteria has moved out of the village. Coming home late one night via the heaving metropolis of North Molton… Read more »

To selfie or not to selfie?………..

I have found that as one gets older, learning something new doesn’t come as quick as it used to. As one gets older one finds one doesn’t really understand the younger generation. One is turning into one’s parents. One hears oneself saying what one’s parents use to say. One can’t wear heels anymore, one likes… Read more »

Accident…..what accident?

I am not sure I am the best person to be a house guest. On the whole I am not too badly behaved, but I am slightly accident prone and my balance is non-existent. However I fancied some time away and had a very good excuse. My friends Lynn and Duncan Baldwin of Surrey came… Read more »

A fowl business

I knew there would be trouble when the other residents here at Tabor Hill suggested we have more chickens. I knew that despite saying we are only going to buy four more, once at the poultry farm we would buy more… and we did. And I knew that this lot would be named. I don’t… Read more »

None such queer as folk………

Well it’s been an interesting week with B&Bers. It started superbly well last weekend with the arrival from Cornwall of Amanda and John Carpenter. Passports in hand, jabs taken for the journey across the border and up to the back of beyond which is Exmoor they travelled. As a testament to the fact FB does… Read more »

I’ll huff and puff

  There is one event here on Exmoor that I get roped into every year, every year I say I won’t do it again and every year I do. Trouble is when it’s a good friend who is hosting the event it’s hard to say no. So on Sunday yet again I was stewarding the… Read more »

Old Dears……who’d have ’em??…..

I know that at the age of 51 I’m very lucky to have both my parents still alive and gently kicking – aged 90 and 89 and celebrating 60 years of marriage next month.  But it is not always a harmonious relationship – they do live with me in their own self-contained side of the… Read more »

A little rant………..

It’s amazing when you own a piece of land just what the general public get up to. The entrance to the farm is normal width but not wide enough when you need to get a tractor past and someone has parked their car there. I pulled into the entrance, dodged the parked car and let… Read more »