I have new lights in my kitchen, lovely shiny new lights. I wasn’t planning on purchasing as many as I have bought and I blame my cousin Nick for his advice to which I will never ever respond to again.

I needed to get a wall in the kitchen replastered. There had been a damp problem, which was solved, wall dried out so all that was left to do was to replaster and paint. My mistake when I renovated the house was not to have a light fitting over the central island. It was a big mistake and something I constantly regretted. So realising that the electrician would need to make holes in the ceiling to install lovely shiny new light, and there was a plasterer coming who could plaster over the holes that the electrician would make, as well as the front wall, it seemed the perfect time to do it.  

Light purchased, electrician installed light, followed by plasterer. All that was left to do was wait until the plaster had dried out and then I could paint. During the drying-out period my cousin Nick Young of Godalming Surrey (to really name and shame him) came to stay. Always lovely to see him. Nick is a retired electrical engineer and a DIY fiend, so the first thing he spied was the lovely shiny new light with LED bulbs and old wall lights with old bulbs. “You should change the other lights to LED” he said. Then gave me a lecture on why I should change all lights to LEDs. Attentively I listened and dutifully I purchased 15 LED bulbs. Bulbs changed, I went to switch on and there was the biggest ******* bang. Dogs bolted for the door, I stood in shock in the dark wondering what the ******* had happened. The LEDs had blown all 5 wall lights and the central light in the second part of the kitchen. I rushed to the fuse box to trip the lights back on and the only thing that came on in the kitchen was the lovely shiny new light. The others were blown, black marks up the wall from each fitting.  
The electrician came back out, yes lights all dead you need new lights. So 5 wall lights and a new central light were purchased and purchased to match the lovely shiny new light. Electrician came back out again and fitted. But they wouldn’t work properly – they flickered when turned on. “They don’t like the old dimmer switches, you’ll have to replace them” said Clive my favourite electrician from WH Buckinghams of South Molton – just a little plug .  
To make sure there were no further problems I purchased lovely shiny new dimmer switches from the same company as I purchased the lovely shiny new lights. Clive the electrician came back out again and fitted the lovely shiny new dimmer switches, plaster had finally dried and I was left to re-decorate the entire ******* kitchen…