imageBookings for the B&B come from all sorts of contacts and I meet all sorts of people. A recent booking came via a friend of mine, who had a business contact coming to the uk. All fine and dandy. However, the trip was first organised for September and cancelled three days before arrival. Then out of the blue the trip was back on for last week.

The Gentleman was collected from Heathrow, driven to North Devon, taken out for dinner and then driven to the farm. Time was agreed for breakfast and off he went to bed. In the morning he didn’t come down, I waited till 8.30 and then knocked on his door to check he was alright. He was, but it was too early for breakfast! The next evening, he was brought back to the farm after dinner, breakfast time agreed and off he went to bed. Shortly afterwards I heard a loud thud on the floor. I checked he was ok, he was. Next morning he didn’t come down for breakfast so this time I didn’t bother chasing. He still didn’t come down when my friend arrived to take him to work, so I let him chase him. That evening he came back, went to his room and shortly afterwards there was another loud thud. When he checked out he didn’t say anything and as they drove off I ran upstairs to see if anything was broken, it wasn’t. However when I went to clean the loo I noticed the handle wasn’t working. I took the lid off and put it on the floor and had deja vu – the same sound I’d heard the last two evenings. Inside the loo the hook which holds the loo handle lever to the ball cock was detached. Not broken, just detached. Trying to re-fix it was difficult, blooming difficult, so just what had he done to detach it? I knew that the gentleman had come to the UK with £10,000 cash on him so the only thing I could deduce was that he had hidden the cash in the loo and caused the detachment!