I have found that as one gets older, learning something new doesn’t come as quick as it used to. As one gets older one finds one doesn’t really understand the younger generation. One is turning into one’s parents. One hears oneself saying what one’s parents use to say. One can’t wear heels anymore, one likes comfy shoes. One hasn’t quite got to the Bridget Jones’ knickers yet and one can’t cope with two nights out on the trot.

Another thing I struggle with is technology. I only bought my iPhone last year and the trauma when my faithful old laptop died was dreadful. Decisions that had to be made and technology that had to be learnt was just hell on earth. However, a year on I love my iPhone, I love my iPad, I text, I FB, I do internet banking and I blog. But there was one thing I haven’t done or wanted to and that is a selfie.

I can’t understand this obsession with selfless. I can’t understand why everyone has to pout. I can’t understand why every view, building or whatever has to have some pouting ********* in front of it. And I really don’t want to see every Tom Dick and Harriet’s cleavage while pouting at the same time. I can’t pout – trust me I’ve tried and people just die laughing. And no one wants to see a woman of a certain age’s cleavage. But I have finally done a selfie, probably the first and last as it’s sooooooo hard to do. How on earth does one pout, thrust cleavage forward, balance while holding a device far enough away to get everyone in, keep finger off the camera bit and not drop the device. It’s difficult, blooming difficult and I won’t be taking it up as a hobby. But here it is from l-r Cousin, Best Mate and Me and yes there is a bottle in there and yes there was another before.