There is one event here on Exmoor that I get roped into every year, every year I say I won’t do it again and every year I do. Trouble is when it’s a good friend who is hosting the event it’s hard to say no. So on Sunday yet again I was stewarding the clear round jumping at a local show. The trouble is I don’t like kids, never had them or wanted them and there are always masses of them at a show. I am also about to alienate another group of people as I don’t like pony club mothers either! That is a blanket condemnation as some of them are great but some are just so pushy. Finally I have two springer spaniels who don’t like shows and one puppy who is about to find out just how BORING a horse show is for a dog. Ethel and Suzie are used to shows, they hate them, they huff and puff and give me the hang dog look all day. This year there was also Betsy to worry about.

At six months old she is pretty good. She has started to come out on big walks which she loves, but she has started to bark at people if we meet anyone out walking. We rarely meet anyone, which is one of the many benefits of living down here. She even starts barking when she sees a parked car – trouble is it is my parked car! She’ll grow out if it. So my worry was she would bark and bark and bark all day Sunday. They were walked before we got to the show and they were walked around the edge of the show field before things got started. Larry Landrover was parked on the ringside, doors open, water bowls filled and dogs placed back inside. She didn’t bark once, she didn’t jump out once but what she did do was huff and huff and puff and puff. My god did she learn from the older dogs quickly.