I will admit that I am I am slightly accident prone. Not in a major way, but if there is a step to trip up or ‘go arse over tit’ down then I am your girl. I have been known to fall out of a tree – axe in hand while trying to lob off a dead branch. There was also the time whilst trimming the hedge when my ladder suddenly moved sending me careering through the hedge, onto the grass verge the other side while my shears skidded across the lane and into the ditch.

So I suppose I was asking for trouble the other day when I climbed over barbed wire, onto a bank to pick some elderflower. I supposed if I had left the girls behind, then perhaps I would have stayed upright. But I didn’t and I didn’t.

It all started to go wrong when Ethel decided to scramble under a loose bit of fence – and of course puppy Betsy had to follow. Suzie – already on the other bank, did an almighty leap and jumped across. Another of my failings is lack of balance and agility. Already halfway up the the bush to reach the best flowers, my balance was compromised, my agility non-existent, and trying to avoid puppy I crashed down taking a large branch with me.

I slid down the bank and got jammed between bank and fence. Beached whale came to mind, in fact very large beached whale, with puppy jumping up and down on it. Effs and Sooooooz knew to keep out of the way, Betsy didn’t. It’s not easy being a beached whale floundering to get upright while trying not to stand on puppy. The fence is now looser than it was and there is a cracked fence post but I can’t believe I did that?