imageLife ticks along nicely down here on Exmoor and puppy continues to grow and entertain. Betsy has been here a month now, where oh where has the time gone? Training is coming along nicely, but I will admit I have had some extra sort of help. Ethel and Soozie have put her in her place many times which is great. They have also decided that perhaps a puppy ain’t half as bad as they originally thought and that it’s quite a useful thing to play with. They just forget that she is somewhat smaller than they are and I do have to intervene on puppy’s behalf every now and then. She will sit and wait for her food, she knows the words ‘no’ and ‘out’ very very very well, she knows which is her bed and NOT to go near the big girls’ bed.

Gary the Gander has found a purpose in life (besides shagging) and that is to teach a puppy not to mess with him. Blimey did she push her luck and feel the full pecking force on her arse. She was busy eating grassy goose poo, while walking backwards towards Gary trying to find more grassy goose poo to eat. She got too close and now she doesn’t go anywhere near him. Colonel Sherman T Potter did what cockerels do (no, not shagging) but protected his girls when again puppy got too close. It was an impressive display from Sherman, full running flight, squawking like mad, full impact and I am very pleased to say puppy now steers clear.

However, there is one animal I really wish would give her what for and that is Merlin the Labrador. According to his owner, he is a gentleman. According to me, as a Springer owner, he is a wuss and a real wussie wuss. While my girls will let her bite and hang off their ears, they do put her in her place at times. Merlin won’t. He wouldn’t even have a go when she was hanging off his willy. She worked out it was fun to run under Merlin – that she was small enough to do so and Merlin being a wuss would just stand there. But it was during one mad dash under the under-carriage that she spotted something hanging! Any normal dog would have gone for her, but not Merlin. He was desperate to get her off but couldn’t work out how. He lifted one leg then the other, he tried walking forwards, walking backwards, lifting leg while trying to walk, lifting diagonal legs, trying to sit, trying to run away, all the time looking at me for help while puppy bit onto his willy. I would like to say that it’s not easy to prise a puppy off a dog’s willy, while laughing hysterically. I am also happy to report that Merlin doesn’t wee like a colander and puppy has now grown and doesn’t fit under him anymore!!

Finally to cover my back not a bird, puppy or grown dog was injured during the typing of this…