Month: May 2015

Puppy puppy puppy…….


Look what I have… Yep Tabor Hill Farm is now home to three Springer Spaniels with the arrival of Betsy. No I am not mad, insane or any other derogatory words which people use towards both Springer Spaniels and their owners. Us Springer owners just understand that Springers are not manic, mad, demented bumble bees, lunatics, warped or crazy – they are just enthusiastic for life.

It all started with a trip seven years ago to Midsomer Norton (no comments about Inspector Barnaby please) to collect Ethel. She is soooooooooooooo cute. But then trouble started a month later when I took her to the Royal Oak in Withypool for puppy socialisation classes… well, to meet other dogs while owner had a drink or two. There a chap said to me “you need a black & white one to go with your liver & white puppy.”  I said “you obviously have puppies for sale.”  To which he replied “you have chaos, why not have complete chaos.”  So the next day I went to Mr Basil Warren’s house in Withypool and bought a black & white puppy already named Suzie. She was sooooooooooooo cute. And Basil was right – two Springer puppies were easier than one. They played with each other, they wore each other out and they chewed on each other which saved one’s furniture.

So onto stage three, seven years later and looking toward the next generation. A third Springer equals ‘ultimate chaos’ and why wouldn’t one want ‘ ultimate chaos’? Betsy has come from my old neck of the woods, a Surrey girl, she is from working stock and was collected on Tuesday, which means I have had her 5 days.

So the old dog cage has been dusted off along with an old duvet. Toy pheasant and duck purchased (well she is a working breed), while my copy of Collin’s guide to English Springer Spaniels, has been taken down from the shelf to remind me what I am supposed to be doing. I even found Ethel’s puppy bowls which is great news because at present Betsy could swim in a normal bowl.

All is going well. Betsy was house trained by 6pm last night, asleep by 10pm and didn’t wake until 7.33pm. Dummy training is going well this morning, so I have entered into a field trial next weekend. In truth I missed three puddles and one poo yesterday. However, not a sound during the night, or if she did I was dead to the world so didn’t hear it. I managed to get her outside for first wee, mind you some of it was on my hand.  She has done a poo outside, chased the chickens, thought better of chasing the geese, is still scared of the horses and Felix the cat is NOT impressed.

Off to do a 3 hour walk on moor to flush out a few pheasants, there’s no pressure on the little thing.

More tea Vicar?…………..


The trouble with some regular B&Bers they can become demanding. Most of course don’t but take Lady Cartridge of Worcestershire……actually Mrs Joanna Cartridge from Worcestershire……during a recent trip to London she and daughter Charlotte had afternoon tea in some swanky London hotel.  So swanky that the tea was apparently served on a three tier cake stand.  They had cake, they had sandwiches with crust cut off, more cake, more sarnies with crust cut off and then yet more cake.  I heard so much about this *****y  tea that I decided to do my own version.   I made cakes, I made scones, I made bread, I made egg mayonnaise with eggs from my chickens and herbs out of the garden, I cut crust off and I would have made the clotted cream if I could have.  Then my moment of pure genius when I realised that my three different sized cake places could stack up on top of another another and make a 3 tried cake stand.  Result –  1 very very happy B&Ber.   Bless her………..