I have made a New Year’s resolution… at the age of 51 I have decided that I don’t want to be left behind on the old technology front. So I have bought my first mobile phone and set up a blog!  Haven’t a clue what to write and am struggling with the iPhone. Apparently I need something called an iCloud account in order to get laptop and phone to be nice to each other; while I am totally in the ‘clouds’ trying to get anything to work.
I think the chickens are also on another planet. It’s January, it’s cold, wet and gets dark early but they are laying like mad…..9 eggs yesterday. The horses are doing what you expect them to do at this time of the year i.e. not bothered about going out in the morning and standing by the field gates at 3pm wanting to come in. Meanwhile Ethel and Soozie my Springer Spaniels will probably explode later on as they can’t be walked again today. Ethel, like me, was in therapy yesterday, we both went to the chiropractor and were told to have a quiet day today. Trouble is Springers just don’t do quiet. And with perfect timing I shall close my first post as the B&Ber’s are coming down for breakfast.